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I am a studio artist living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. My work is inspired by cartoons, music, graffiti, and religious imagery. Most of it is an attempt to take the negative experiences I've had as a queer trans man and turn them into something positive. I often explore issues related to gender, sexuality, and addiction within the queer community. My biggest visual influence is cartoons from the 90s that often casually approached very dark subjects in a surreal and humorous way. I like using a bright color palette inspired by these shows mixed with serious subject matter to reflect how a little kid would visualize these experiences and process them. My work also focuses on classism and elitism. Most of my paintings since 2019 have been done on cardboard as a way to integrate my experiences with classism and homelessness with the culture surrounding fine art. It is also important to me to show value in objects that are not usually seen as valuable by society, but that we interact with and depend on every day. 


  • Daniel Shaffer YouTube
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