I am a studio artist living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. My work is inspired by cartoons, graffiti, and religious imagery. Most of it is an attempt to take the negative experiences I've had and turn them into something positive. My biggest visual influence is cartoons from the 90s that often casually approached very dark subjects in a surreal and humorous way. I like using a bright color palette inspired by these shows mixed with serious subject matter to reflect how a little kid would visualize these experiences and process them. My work also focuses on classism and elitism. Most of my paintings since 2019 have been done on cardboard as a way to integrate my experiences with poverty and homelessness with the culture surrounding fine art. 

Many of my newer pieces have been based off of Catholic altar pieces and shrines, but depict queer people in contemporary settings. I’ve always been interested in the imagery, rituals, and culture of Catholicism, but I’ve been much more interested since I was excommunicated when I came out at 15. Even though I don’t identify as Catholic anymore, I’m still drawn to those aspects. A lot of these paintings have been an attempt to recontextualize those images in my head and change them into things that feel spiritual to me. It is important to me to try to depict queer people in a positive way and use the visual language of the church to uplift people who have been rejected from it. My choice to depict only queer people in my paintings for this series is a protest against the normalization of heterosexism and cissexism in art and media.

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